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Agneszka’s career as a stylist started off when she met the French designer Gilles Rosier and became his muse.  She worked both for Gilles own label and for the Kenzo collection.  Soon she started to work as a casting director for Gilles fashion shows in Paris that lead her to Dice Kayek, Barbara Bui and Isabelle Marant.  She worked closely with these designers on castings and collections.  Her talent of combining clothes got her into styling look books and catalogue for "Kenzo", "Antik Batik', "Barbara Bui', "Andersen & Lauth".  She worked in collaboration with various photographers including: Thierry Le Goues, Karen Collins, Phaedra Brodie, David Bailey, Lisa Roze, Camille Vivier, Kate Barry, Silja Magg, Saga and Elisabeth Davidsdottir for magazines and art projects.

After being introduced to the music world by working as a stylist for various music magazines including “Les Inrockuptibles", “Magic", “Biscuit” she started working for record labels like: EMI, Virgin, Sony, Discograph and Europacorp.  She styled CD covers for singers like


- Bardi Johannsson  - “HAXAN"
- Zoe - “TOUT VA BIEN”
- Brigitte Fontaine - “KEKELAND”
- Bubbi Mortens - “BUBBIAST”, “PARADIS”
and took care for press photos for KEREN ANN and "LADY & BIRD.
This work also got her into styling music videos for
- BANG GANG - " find what you get"
- MARLENE KUNTZ - "ViVO" - "IO E ME" - "Paolo Anima Salva" - "Un Piacere Speciale"
- SINGAPORE SLING - "Never For Ever"
- JARA - "Hope"
- HJALTALIN - "Feels Like Sugar"
- GUSGUS - "Obnoxiously Sexual"
Recent artwork as costume designer for the Theater, Film and Dance Company.
Theater performance
- 'Blink of an Eye"directed by  Borgar Magnason 
- 'Transs" by Sigtryggur Magnason
- "Midsummer Night Dream" William Shakespeare by Stefan Jonsson
- "Now there is a heavenly Summer" by Sigtryggur Magnason
- "The Perfect Crime" by Svandis Dora Einarsdottir and Sigridur Soffia Nielsdottir
Short Film
- "Red Dead" by Bardi Johannsson
- "Little Cosmonaut" directed by Ari Alexander Egris
- "The Lack" by Masbedo  
Iceland Dance Company 
 - "Welcome Home" by Katrin Hall, Collaboration with Filipia Elisdottir
"On New Ground" in collaboration with Julianna Lara Steingrimsdottir
- "Til" by Frank Fannar Pedersen
- "Allegro con Brio" by Karl Fridrik Hjaltason
- "... And Then Never Again" by Steve Lorenz
- "Otta"
- "Emo 1994" by Ole Martin Meland
- "Meadow" by Brian Gerke
- "Liminal" by Karol Tyminski
Dance performance
 - "Good/Bye" by Snaedis Lilja Ingadottir and Svandis Dora Einarsdottir
Reykjavik City Theatre -  Borgarleikhúsið
- "Treasure Island" by Sigurdur Sigurjonsson in collaboration with Julianna Lara Steingrimsdottir
- "Jeppe on the hill" by Benedikt Erlingsson
National Theatre of Iceland - Þjóðleikhúsið
- "Madur ad minu skapi" by Stefan Jonsson
- "Skrattinn úr sauðaleggnum" by Sigridur Soffia Nielsdottir
- "Woman in 1000 degrees" Hallgrimur Helgason by Una Thorleifsdottir